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Promote Chinese traditional culture, build a cultural tour between Australia and China, and promote the harmonious development of human multiculturalism

Intangible cultural heritage progresses in universities

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee recognizes efforts to maintain the “Xoan” singing of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” (Vietnam)

Australia’s first international Mazu culture seminar


The next meeting of the Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Mauritius


Google in Uluru


The list of the fourth batch of intangible cultural heritage inheritors in Fujian Province was announced! These 26 people in Fuzhou were selected!


Preview of a series of videos about me and young people

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Bulgarian rose essential oil

Bulgarian rose essential oil is produced in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian rose is generally referred to as the long-term rosette of the Damascus (Rosadamascena NO:1)...
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Color sticker paper-ku Shulan

Ku Shulan (1920–2004), Fucun, Equator Township, Xunyi County, Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, one of the outstanding representatives of Chinese folk paper-cutting art, and a master...
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Indian nation

The Indian is the general name for all Native Americans except the Eskimos. The vast majority of Native Americans are Indians, but because of...

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Mudiyett or Mudi is a traditional ceremonial theater and folk dance in Kerala. It tells the mythology between the goddess Cali and the devil Darreka. This ritual is part...

[non-legacy] African drum

The origin of the African drum The percussion instrument is probably the oldest instrument in the world, and the tambourine is the most representative percussion instrument, so the tambourine...
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