Association Purpose

The purpose and necessity of establishing an “association” lies in: intangible cultural heritage is more “soul” meaning for a nation and country than material cultural heritage. The evolution and development of human civilization is to a large extent the process of continuous development and creation of intangible cultural heritage. In addition to the specialized institutions of various countries to study and organize intangible cultural heritage, most experts believe that intangible cultural heritage has rich and colorful content and expressions in the secular sense, and the more valuable part is the art of mainstream artists. Creation, style, genre, etc., make the intangible cultural heritage more brilliant artistic glory and higher academic value.

The significance of the association is to promote the wider and deeper exchange of intangible cultural heritage of countries, all ethnic groups and regions; to promote the deep integration of contemporary art and intangible cultural heritage, to find out the influence of intangible cultural heritage on contemporary art and “Cultural genes”, thus promoting the international exchanges and cooperation between intangible cultural heritage and contemporary culture and art, and promoting the prosperity and harmonious development of human culture.