Chairman Peng Meets with Australian Victorian Government Multicultural Affairs Consultant Mei Lan

Association News
On March 17, 2016, Peng Shuang, Executive Chairman of the Association of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Culture and Art Exchanges (“Association”), met with Mr. Mei Wei, Victoria’s multicultural affairs consultant in Victoria, to meet at the Victorian Government Building.

Mr. Peng gave a brief explanation and introduction to the related activities such as the non-legacy cultural festival held by the association in the future. Mr. Mei Wei also expressed his support and appreciation for the future activities of the Association.

After that, Chairman Peng and Mr. Mei Wei gave detailed and detailed answers to the questions of the users of HighFun Media and HIghFun network platform. Chairman Peng was asked why the Association of Contemporary Culture and Art Exchanges and why the association was established in Melbourne, Victoria, told reporters and netizens in the language of scholars. At this stage, the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage and contemporary art The research and exchanges need to be continuously studied in depth, to find out the influence of intangible cultural heritage on contemporary art and cultural genes, to make the intangible cultural heritage more brilliant artistic brilliance and higher academic value, and to become the development of contemporary culture and art. The roots of endless culture. The establishment of the association in Melbourne, Victoria, values ​​Melbourne as Australia’s multicultural capital, with a rich multicultural event held here every year. I hope that with the help of Melbourne, it will herald the success of the international exchange and cooperation of the non-legacy culture. Enhancing the promotion of international influence is conducive to the promotion of national culture, strengthening the dialogue of international civilization and enhancing the harmonious development of human culture. Mr. Mei Wei also expressed the tolerance and protection of the Victorian government for multicultural communities. Multiculturalism is the hallmark and sparkle of Melbourne and Victoria. The Victorian Government allocates a budget each year to maintain the Victorian Multicultural Community. Mr. Mei Wei also expressed his high support and appreciation for the cultural activities that the association will hold for a long time. Victoria signed a cooperation document with the Chinese Ministry of Culture last year to promote international cultural exchanges. The long-term cultural activities organized by the association will inevitably inject more vitality into the cultural exchanges between China and Australia and internationally.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Peng Shining issued a letter of appointment to the consultant of Mr. Mei Wei and signed a letter of intent for the long-term strategic cooperation alliance of the association.