List of members of the association


According to the association’s charter, the elected committee is the body of the association. The committee has a board of directors responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the association. According to the needs of the work, the association employs influential experts and scholars in the field of non-legacy and culture as members of the expert committee. After review and approval by the council of the association, the branch of the association council will be established.

Honorary Chairman

Hong Lim

Lin Meifeng


Australian Parliamentarian

Victorian Governor Special Advisor for Asian Business

Deputy Minister of Multicultural Affairs of Victoria

Honorary Chairman

Chen Yang Guosheng

Director, Australian Institute of Australian Studies, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Member of the Victorian Language Advisory Board

Honorary Chairman

Yuan Shouqi

Researcher, Macroeconomic Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission

State Council Special Allowance Specialist

Doctoral tutor in macroeconomics and sustainable development

Chairman of the Chinese Calligraphy Expert Committee

President of China Oriental Culture Research Association

Vice President of China Macroeconomic Research Association

Dean of Chinese Calligraphy Art Institute

Executive chairman

Peng Shining

(Australian Chinese)

Cultural anthropology researcher

Former Researcher, Institute of Music, China Academy of Art

Australian Institute of Technology, Royal Australian Institute of Technology

Vice President, Alumni Association of Beijing University, Australia

Australian Guqin Education Research Institute expert consultant

Vice President, Henan Association of Henan Province

Executive Director, Oceanic Media Group, Australia

Honorary President of the Popular Music Association of the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

Expert committee

Diane Breatherton

Professor of Political Science and International Relations, University of Queensland

Visiting Professor of International Relations, Zhou Enlai College, Nankai University

1998-1999 seconded to Paris to assist UNESCO Headquarters in preparation

Head of the United Nations Peace and Culture News Network (CPNN), 2000

Participate in the training and training of UN youth peace journalists

Participate in the construction of the UN six-language news website



Australian Victorian Government Multicultural Affairs Consultant

Assistant to the Governor of Victoria, Australia, Daniel Andrew

Expert committee

Hai Lei

Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

Head of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) Multinational Digital Teaching Research Project

Expert committee

Zhou Guanglian

Deputy Director, Department of Public Culture, former Ministry of Culture

Deputy Director of the Office of the Ministry of Culture

Expert Committee of Art Fund of the Ministry of Culture of China

Expert committee

Joseph Blanc

Professor of Language and Quality Education, Graduate School of the University of Melbourne

Chairman of the Australian College of Humanities

Chairman, Translation and Intercultural Studies, First Asia Pacific President Forum, Tsinghua University, China

Invited consultants for 20 national international language planning projects

UNICEF Research Director

Expert committee

Chang Xianglin

President of Chinese Quyi Society

Director of the Chinese Folk Literature Society

Director of the editorial department of Qu Yi magazine

Expert committee

Wang Chaoyong

Vice Chairman of the Chinese Folk Artists Association

Representative of the National People’s Congress of China

State Council Special Allowance Specialist

Dean of Shanxi Guanzhong Folk Museum

Vice chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Expert committee

Sally Bordon

Canberra Asia Study Management Director, Canberra, Australia

Expert committee

Qiao Jianzhong

Former Director, Researcher, Doctoral Supervisor, Institute of Music, China Academy of Art

Editor-in-Chief of Music Research

Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

President of the Chinese Traditional Music Society

Expert committee

Meri Pinto

Independent researcher at Caltech University, San Francisco, USA

Co-founder of the Wanapolis Farm Degradation Organization, California, USA

Expert committee

Michael Pinto

Founder of the Wanapolis Farm Degradation Organization, California, USA

Expert committee

Zhang Zhentao

International Jury of UNESCO’s “Masterpieces of Human Oral and Intangible Heritage”

Former director, researcher, doctoral tutor of music research at the China Academy of Art

Member of the Chinese Musicians Association, director

Director of the China Music Library, Institute of Music, China Academy of Arts

Editor-in-Chief of China Music Yearbook

Associate Editor of Chinese Musical Instrument Review

Researcher, “Chinese Traditional Ritual Music Research Program”, Department of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Expert committee

Liang Huaxing

Vice-President of the National Association of Fine Arts in Australia

Executive Vice President of the Australian Chinese Culture and Arts Committee

Vice President of the Liang Family Clan Association in Australia

President of the Melbourne Artists Association

Expert committee

He Xuebin

First-class art commissioner of the Ministry of Personnel of China

Representative of the National People’s Congress of China

Dean of China United Painting Academy

Chinese Intellectual Property Culture Ambassador

Executive Vice President, Painting and Calligraphy Institute, China News International Publishing House

State-level expert of special contribution allowance of the State Council of China

Expert committee

Zhong Sidi

Sinology Researcher, University of London, UK

Expert committee

Fu Hong

Australian Oceania Federation of Literary and Art

Australian famous oil painter

Member of Beijing Artists Association

Expert committee

Wu Bian

Deputy Chairman of the Expert Committee on the Protection of National Intangible Cultural Heritage

China Appraisal Committee of the World Intangible Heritage Review Committee

Deputy Director of the Expert Committee of Chinese Folk Cultural Heritage Rescue Engineering

Member of the International Association of Folk Narrative Creation Research (ISFNR)

Member of the German National Institute

Member of the Japan Institute of Literature and Art

Expert committee

Hu Jiebao

Party secretary

Chief designer of Songzhuang Culture and Art Creative Industry in China

Honorary President of China Songzhuang Art Promotion Association

Chairman of the International Association of Honest Volunteers

Expert committee

Wang Yongyang

Education Researcher, University of Melbourne, Australia

Expert committee

Sun Jianjun

Director, Researcher, Doctoral Supervisor, Institute of Arts and Crafts, China Academy of Art

Vice President, Graduate School of China Academy of Art

Member of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Work

Associate Editor, Decoration Magazine, Central Academy of Arts and Crafts

Editorial Board of the Editorial Board of Arts and Crafts Encyclopedia of China Encyclopedia (Second Edition)

Deputy Director of the Chinese Arts and Crafts Society

Expert committee

Huang Hu

Vice President, Graduate School of China Conservatory of Music

Director of the Center for the Protection of the Chinese Academy of Music

Expert committee

Xu Yiyi

Folklore, cultural heritage research expert, professor of history, Nanjing University

Executive director of the Chinese Folklore Society

Director of the Chinese Society of Native Arts

Executive director of the Chinese Folk Paper-cutting Society

Senior Qualification Assessor of Jiangsu Library and Literature

Jiangsu Provincial Arts and Crafts Senior Title Accreditation Chairman

Director of the Jiangsu Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Vice President and Secretary General of Jiangsu Folklore Society

Executive director of the Jiangsu Provincial Historical Society

Member of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

Expert committee

Cui Maosen

Vice President of China Academy of Poetry and Calligraphy

Director of the International Cultural Exchange Center of the Chinese Minority Cultural Relics Protection Association

Secretary General of the Chinese National Calligraphy and Painting Institute

Expert committee

Hong Baocai

Professor of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy International University

Expert committee

Ye Chijian

Professor of Guangdong Light Industry Vocational and Technical College

Member of Sculpture Professional Committee of China Arts and Crafts Society

Member of Guangdong Artists Association

Expert committee

Lin Bojun

Melbourne Chinese Adult Education College Chinese Painting Tutor

Established the Australian Lingnan Painting Association in Australia

Chairman of the Australian National Art Exhibition Federation

Awarded the Medal for the Achievement of the 100th Anniversary of the Australian Federal System

Secretary general Raymond Lu
Deputy secretary general Yingjie Yi
Minister of propaganda Kevin Kang
Deputy minister of propaganda Hui Tian
Director of external relations department Jiangtian Zhu
Deputy secretary general of the council Yun Peng
Vice chairman of the board of directors Lei Peng / Zhaoming Shao / Hengwei- Ai xinjueluo
Director Yiwen Zhu / David Feng / Paul Wu Samspyros Laskaratos / Hongyu Cao
Treasurer        Joanna Cao / Kai Zhang