AHICE successfully held Zheng Donghao’s talented painter and Shen Hao’s two-person exhibition

June 10-13, 2017, hosted by the Australian Association of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Culture and Art Exchanges, the “Zheng Dongjun Talented Painter and Shen Yu Double Art Exhibition” co-organized by the Australian Ocean Media Group was completed at the Melbourne Victorian Artists Association Exhibition Hall. Held.

On June 10th, the opening ceremony was held. The main guests of the opening ceremony were Jennifer Yang (Yang Qianhui), the former mayor of Manninggham City, the current city councillor; JackCaufield City Councillor; Adem former HumeCity Mayor; and Trevor University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Professor of Intercultural Education. Principal Investigator; Chairman of the Australian Oceanic Literary Federation; Vice Chairman of the Patrick Oceanic Federation; Chairman of Tony Australia’s Australian Real Estate Economics Corporation. The guests attending the opening ceremony also included celebrities from the Australian cultural, educational, financial, media and other sectors.

Zheng Dongxuan’s painting teacher, the famous Australian sculptor and oil painter Margarita, commented on Zheng Dongxuan’s: “All her works have an undeniable quality: stunning colors. For such a little girl, her paintings are so Bold color means a true talent. Whether there is a sense of talent and harmony is something that can’t be taught. When teaching Sissi (Zheng Dongyu), my work is to teach her painting skills, but allow her to explore color. Harmony, because each painting she made is unpredictable and powerful. Her painting process is like a miracle, just like watching magic. Her color reminds me that it is the impression of the French and the style of impressionism. Ms. Yu exhibited nearly 30 flower-themed works, and the flowers in each of them were presented in real terms. The guests were surprised to say: “Is this a stroke? Like a real flower, it seems to have asked the flowers, the dew on the petals seems to have really fallen…” The flowers in Shen Yan’s eyes are in her pure painting skills. Full bloom.

The opening ceremony kicked off in the opening speeches of the two Chinese and English hosts. The host introduced the guests who were present at the event and read the Chairman of the Australian Oceanic Literary Federation who was not present. The famous oil painter Mr. Fu Hong sent a message to Zheng Dongjun. Congratulatory message:

“Congratulations to the opening ceremony of Dongpu painting, Zheng Dongxuan, who is only ten years old, is very internal and mature. She has bold imagination and explosive power. She is moved by the pleasure of writing and writing. This is a gift and has the potential for healthy development! Important and sure The East is to draw, not to describe. If it can persist, it will become a big tool. Her expression of painting is very vivid, and there is passion for painting, great! Encourage children with potential!”

The main guests at the scene also spoke one by one:

Jennifer Yang Yang Qianhui (former Mayor of Manningg-ham, current city councilor) said:

“I have participated in Shen’s painting exhibition several times. Her paintings are beautiful and bring us beautiful feelings. Her achievements in color application and painting skills I think everyone is familiar, and today she sees her art exhibition. I am very happy about this.” Mrs. LAM asked: “Zheng Donghao is only ten years old. I saw her painting exhibition for the first time today and saw her. She only studied painting for more than two years. It is so young and rich. Imagination and bold expression of painting. Her feelings of color, use and color contrast, I feel very strong. Zheng Dongxuan’s paintings are not craftsmanship, not the universally trained work feelings, but She expresses her true inner world, emotions and thoughts through her work. Such an exhibition is very meaningful! Thanks so many people for coming to her exhibition. For a child, come see her. Her work is the biggest affirmation for her. I hope that through this event, we will have more opportunities in the future to give more support to children with talent and creativity. Reed! ”

Jack (Caufield City Councillor) said:

“It’s very glorious to participate in this exhibition. It’s very celebrated that this exhibition is in Melbourne’s cultural capital, Melbourne, and the famous art pavilion exhibition in Victoria. This is one of the best art galleries in the world. You can see here. To Shen Hao’s beautiful paintings, we can also see how Zheng Xiaotong’s young artist uses color and bold imagination of art. Such a good exhibition should be supported and watched!”

Professor of Intercultural Education at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Trevor, said:

“I am very happy to participate in the exhibition! I came here today and did see a miracle. In the winter of Melbourne, I saw the color of spring in the exhibition and felt the warmth of spring. Zheng Dongxuan’s works are passionate creations, which is very precious. It is a gift, a miracle of color!”

Chairman of Tony Australia’s Ao Lai Art Economics Co., Ltd. said:

“I think everyone should feel the art exhibition today, full of artistic inspiration. I have seen a lot of artists from various genres before. But today I saw Zheng Dongxuan’s paintings, giving people a special feeling and talent. It is impossible to imagine that Zheng Dongxuan is only ten years old and has only studied painting for two years. From her works, she is so mature with pens, her colors are so rich and her investment in painting art. She is amazing, and strange, let Let’s applaud her together!”

Adem (former Mayor Hume) said:

“Thanks to the two painters who brought the colors of spring to Melbourne in the winter, you brought the vitality of life.

We saw the painting characteristics of Shen Hao and saw the performance of Chinese traditional culture in the paintings. Shen’s works are matured by adults, and the children’s works are full of young people’s vitality and imagination. ”

The Vice Chairman of the Patrick Oceanic Federation said:

“Shenzhen is a student of the famous painter Chen Danqing. I saw her painting for the first time. I am very surprised. Such a beautiful painting, her works bring us beautiful feelings. And Zheng Dongxuan’s works bring us so rich and beautiful. The color and imagination of art.”

The guest’s speech was warm and cordial, and ushered in bursts of applause! Then the host asked Shen Hao and Zheng Dongjun to speak on the stage separately. Shen Yan said: “I don’t speak, I only paint. I usually like to plant flowers. I am married with flowers, so I like to draw flowers. Today, please enjoy my paintings. The flower is the author’s heart and language. As she walks down the stage, the curtain wall of the painting is the butterfly flying and the flowers, which make people immersive.

The host asked Zheng Dongjun to walk into the podium. The height of the podium almost blocked her body. When she walked out of the podium and began to speak, the audience and the media raised the camera in her hand at the same time, and she kept shooting.

Zheng Dongyu said this: “When the teacher gave me a vase with flowers to let me paint, I felt that all the students who studied painting did not have the same painting. My eyes entered the vase and the flowers. It became the color of the vase and flower in my heart. The teacher came to me and before the painting, I think she would criticize me, but she kissed my head, I think she likes the painting I painted. She will Teach me to adjust the color and help me pay attention to some things in painting. I will draw more paintings for everyone in the future…” A child’s speech was real and lovely, which aroused the guests’ love, bursts of applause and flowers. This is the best encouragement and support for your child’s future! The opening ceremony was held in the warm applause, and then the guests exchanged paintings at the reception at the scene. The exhibition hall was filled with joy and peace.

Mr. Yang Qianhui and other officials and guests watched and took photos with the two of them during the paintings of Shen Yu and Zheng Dongjun. Mrs. Yang Qianhui, while watching Zheng Dongxuan’s paintings, constantly praised her talents and further expressed important scientific concepts that value children’s individualized and creative education. Maintaining cultural individuality is the prosperity of the future culture. The officials attending the opening ceremony and the guests from all walks of life have encouraged and loved Zheng Dongxuan, representing the country’s ardent hope for the respect and future development of the children!

The exhibition was held for four days, and the people who visited the exhibition were in a constant stream. As the guests spoke, they met the spring colors and warmth in Melbourne’s winter and smelled the fragrance of the flowers. Beautiful works and stunning colors always bring people a feeling of beauty and happiness. We will remember this good and wish! I hope that Shen Hao and Zheng Dongjun’s children will create more excellent works, and look forward to meeting you again in your fragrance and colorful colors!