Unique ethnic installation art

Contemporary decorative art with unique ethnic customs

Korean artist Ran Hwang uses a variety of object buttons, beads and pins to create a variety of large installation art, Ran said. “It’s a very labor-intensive job to make such a large work on the wall. As a meditation practice, I found out the meaning of my existence.” When the viewers watched the work at close range, they seemed to be a bunch of buttons and pins, but watching the device outside a certain distance turned into a bird and cherry blossoms. Amazing images of trees and so on.

Ran said, “This huge wall installation is a very time-consuming and repetitive manual labor. It is a meditation practice that helps me find my inner peace. The role of the pins is to make the surface of the button a contour. Or disintegrated image. No adhesive is used, which keeps the button intact and easy to move, which means the genetic tendency of human hesitation. I use the buttons because they are very common in our lives. And ordinary.”

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