Association Introduction



In the 21st century, global cultural and economic integration, human culture is increasingly converging. It is the responsibility of each of us to maintain the diversity of the world’s ethnic cultures and to protect the intangible cultural heritage, the human cultural treasure and spiritual wealth. With the development of the UNESCO Human Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Project, intangible cultural heritage has received extensive attention on a global scale. Governments and various civil society organizations have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in terms of intangible cultural heritage. Digging, protecting and inheriting have done a lot of work. However, the work done in the international exchange and comparative study of intangible cultural heritage is still in its infancy, not the material cultural heritage and contemporary art, such as the inheritance and development of painting, calligraphy, sculpture, folk arts and crafts (“grassroots The research and communication of the relationship with the “mainstream” culture is still to be further studied.

I believe that with the diversity and innovation of culture, the construction and development of the future society of mankind will have a fundamental guarantee. In view of this situation, according to a joint agreement from relevant experts and relevant institutions around the world, the Association of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Culture and Art Exchange was established in Melbourne, Australia. Known as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is home to immigrants from different countries in this beautiful city, bringing a diverse culture and a rich and diverse culture. Multiculturalism has become Australia’s national policy.

Melbourne’s international cultural events are numerous: World Swimming Championships, Commonwealth Games, Formula One, International Horse Racing, International Dragon Boat Festival, International Fashion Festival, International Theatre Festival, International Film Festival, International Arts Festival, etc. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, the association facilitates the exchange of human intangible cultural heritage and contemporary culture and art on an international platform of multiculturalism.

The purpose and necessity of establishing an “association” lies in: intangible cultural heritage is more “soul” meaning for a nation and country than material cultural heritage. The evolution and development of human civilization is to a large extent the process of continuous development and creation of intangible cultural heritage. In addition to the specialized institutions of various countries to study and organize intangible cultural heritage, most experts believe that intangible cultural heritage has rich and colorful content and expressions in the secular sense, and the more valuable part is the art of mainstream artists. Creation, style, genre, etc., make the intangible cultural heritage more brilliant artistic brilliance and higher academic value.

Development of the association’s cultural project

Association cultural strategy leading intention

Finding the relevant blood between human intangible cultural heritage and contemporary culture and art, and deeply understanding the value of intangible cultural heritage for the inheritance and development of contemporary culture and art. This has played a certain role in protecting the intangible cultural heritage of mankind and contributed to the prosperity and development of human culture.

Direction and content of the association’s cultural project

Conducting an academic forum on the interrelationship between intangible cultural heritage and contemporary culture and art, and simultaneously exhibiting cultural and artistic works related to the forum; preparing for the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum of Humanity” and “Cultural Ecological Park”; and opening “Human Intangible Cultural Heritage and The Research Base of Contemporary Culture and Art and the Foundation for the Protection and Development of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The purpose and significance of the academic forum

With intangible cultural heritage and contemporary culture and art, we will publish academic paper collections, forum presentations, and related cultural and artistic performances. Bring together outstanding academic papers, compile and publish the academic papers of each forum, fill the academic gap, add academic materials to the academic circles, and make academic contributions to the process of human cultural prosperity.

The purpose and significance of preparing for the “Met’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum” and “Cultural Ecological Park”

The establishment of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum” and the “Cultural Ecology Park” in Melbourne provides a long-term international exchange platform for the effective promotion of intangible culture and the display of contemporary culture and art. It also plays a good role in Melbourne’s multicultural economic development and social harmony. The common understanding and participation of human beings is the most powerful action for the protection, promotion and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.

The purpose and significance of establishing the “Research Base of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Culture and Art”

The Association of Experts Committee brings together internationally renowned experts to conduct in-depth research on academic topics related to intangible cultural heritage and contemporary culture and art. Establish research bases in existing and unexcavated intangible cultural ecological zones, and conduct research and research based on the current cultural status. In the excavation and in-depth research, the sustainable development of the non-material culture of the thorn-activated state, at the same time, promotes the deepening of the international cultural journey and strengthens the dialogue of international civilization and deep cultural exchanges.

Raising the Foundation for the Conservation and Development of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind

The operation of the “National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Development Foundation” is conducive to the smooth development of the “association” and the promotion of basic financial support for the intangible cultural exchanges between human beings.